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Functions of COCTU

  • To supervise the initiation, formulation, negotiation and implementation of all projects for tsetse and trypanosomiasis control in Uganda;

  • To prescribe standard specifications, certification marks and codes of practice and do all things incidental or connected with them as may be required for the purpose of the Statute;

  • To be responsible for submission of proposals for the formulation of policies of the Council and for the implementation of those policies when adopted by the Council;

  • To collate and disseminate to all relevant parties, reports and other information relating to projects for carrying out the programme;

  • To co-ordinate the development of human resources necessary for all aspects of the programme;

  • To initiate and organize seminars, conferences and workshops and other similar activities aimed at promoting the effective implementation of the programme;

  • To establish and maintain relationships with national, regional and international organizations and agencies as may be appropriate for facilitating the implementation of the programme;

  • To carry out or cause to be carried out any study or examination or test in respect of commodities of different specifications whether produced in Uganda or elsewhere;

  • To carry out such other functions within the objects and functions of the Council as the Council may direct.
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